Coloroid gives woodless color pencils extra protection and it is made of 100% recycled material; it’s durable and very sturdy. Coloroid is designed for universal woodless color pencil size, so it is very convenient to buy refill pencils after purchasing one even they are not the same brand. Coloroid is more than a color pencil case; it is also a decoration and an organizer of your studio, workshop, or home. 


Kerfing is in simple terms the act of cutting a series of kerfs (cuts) in a piece of wood in close proximity, so the wood can be curved. It is important not to make the cuts too deep, resulting in the wood cracking completely through, or not deep enough so instead of bending, it snaps (and therefore weakens the wood…….). The wood needs to be cut to the point that the remaining fibres are free to bend. You can only kerf by crosscutting- you cannot kerf with the grain as the likelyhood of the workpiece splitting is huge. This doesn’t have to be solid stock either – you can kerf whole sheets and bend entire panels